About the company

Shenzhen Siruixiang Automatic Equipment Company Limited  was Founded in 2018. The company focuses on the design, production and sales of high-precision automatic equipment parts, electronic parts and other mechanical parts. Our customers are involved in the commodity food industry: such as automatic weighing and packaging of grain, automatic shelling of wheat, peeling, weighing, packaging, etc. Processed food industry: automatic grinding of flour, drying, weighing, packaging, automatic filling of chocolate, mixing, shaping, etc.

The company has experienced engineers and operators, is able to design and produce high-precision automatic equipment parts and other mechanical parts according to customer’s requirements. Shenzhen Siruixiang Automatic Equipment  Company Limited adheres to the principle of standardization, specialty, innovation and win-win operation, upholds the principle of customer first, always in line with the requirements and wholeheartedly provides the greatest degree of protection and service for our partners.